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The passion
that moves ideas.

This project was born from the heart of Coop. Arcipelago, a Vicenza-based company engaged in light carpentry work since 1993. The production area in which the company operates has grown thanks to a myriad of artisan companies, many of which are engaged in the production of machinery and equipment for bakeries and pastry shops. The synergy created over time with these companies, as suppliers of carpentry and electronics, has thus led us to create the Simply Pizza oven.


People at the centre.

Created first and foremost to satisfy the desire to bring together all the cooperative’s members and friends, this oven, after being tested and improved, was promoted to a product to be proposed on the market. Aware of the needs of customers increasingly attentive to the quality of materials, Simply Pizza takes shape piece by piece in our workshops in Zané (VI). A sign of total respect for made-in-Italy production, for the customers who place their trust in us, and for the people who are committed to their work every day.


From your backyard to the Agané park.

Simpy Pizza is an oven that adapts to any space due to its small size. Maintaining its maximum temperature for half an hour before having to feed it again, it can bake three pizzas every 5 minutes. This makes it ideal for home use as well as for events and parks.
If you want to see how it works, you can come to Agané Park.