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With the Simply Pizza outdoor pizza oven and accessories, being together tastes better.

Sharing a passion for food is a unifying act. And when we talk about pizza we all agree. If your passion for dough is just waiting for the big step, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, because with Simply Pizza you can bring to your garden, terrace or balcony at home a professional oven of small size and performance worthy of a real pizza maker.
You put in the passion, we guarantee reliable tools.

Wood-fired pizza oven

Simply Pizza is a compact and durable outdoor oven made entirely of stainless steel.
Its essential lines make it suitable for both rustic and modern environments.


Room for four pizzas.

80x60 chamber, to bake four pizzas at a time. Maintains maximum heat for a full 30 minutes.


Temperature of up to 450°

In twenty minutes it reaches the optimum temperature of 450°. The perfect heat for a real pizza.

Optimizes space.

Simply Pizza occupies only a space of 92x76x76. Ideal for outdoors and those with limited space.

Wood-fired and outdoor oven accessories.

The Simply Pizza world expands with a range of accessories to ensure you have everything you need to knead, make your own pizza, and make your guests feel increasingly pampered. Here we have the neccessary pere those who have their hands in the pie.

To every question its answer

The oven is suitable for cooking pizza, bread, and desserts. With the separately purchasable plate, you can also cook meats.

Yes, Simply pizza is produced entirely in Italy at the Arcipelago Cooperative in Zané (VI).

Sure, you can contact customer service Monday through Friday by calling the number on the contact page or by filling out the information request form.

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