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Outdoor wood-fired pizza oven Simply Pizza




Stainless steel outdoor wood-fired pizza oven Large 92 cm x76 cm x 76 cm.
Simply Pizza is a completely stainless steel pizza oven with compact dimensions. With its modern and essential design, this oven can find space on balconies, terraces and gardens. A professional tool that will allow you to realize the dream of having a “home pizzeria” reserved just for you, your family and your friends.

The refractory surface and the insulated stainless steel interior allow you to quickly reach the cooking temperature and cook up to four pizzas per batch.
The weight of about 80 kg makes it solid and at the same time easy to place on an existing surface or on the trolley that you can find among the accessories.
Simply Pizza is ideal for cooking pizzas and any type of leavened product, such as bread and cakes, or meat and fish.

Simply Pizza, thanks to its small size, is a pizza oven that can be placed in the garden or in the terrace.

The measurements of the external stainless steel structure are: Base 92 cm, total height without the chimney 76 cm
and the internal refractory surface 80 cm x 60 cm.

Pizza simply requires about twenty minutes to reach the ideal cooking temperature. The internal heat remains constant for about half an hour, allowing you to comfortably make at least five batches of four pizzas each.

Simply Pizza can reach a temperature of 450°, ideal for cooking pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

Yes, if you have a stainless steel baking tray you can prepare slow-cooked meats such as braised meats, rolls, stew or game.

Among the accessories that can be bought separately you can purchase the coil to power the oven also with gas (the tank is not supplied). In this way you can choose whether to cook with a wood oven or in a more practical way with methane.

You can buy Simply Pizza directly from this web site! It will be sent to your home through courier or, if you prefer to pick it up personally, you can contact our customer service for a collection at the company.

It is shipped in a box placed on a pallet of 120cm x 80cm.


Useful information

Simply Pizza outdoor wood-fired pizza oven: technical characteristics.

Adaptable to many environments thanks to its compact design (92 cm base x 76 cm depth) Simply Pizza is an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, built entirely in stainless steel to allow rapid heating times and a less use of wood.
It reaches cooking temperature in less than twenty minutes and allows you to cook four pizzas at a time.
Simply Pizza maintains a constant level of heat for thirty minutes, the time needed for at least five batches. By keeping the oven powered you can continue cooking for the desired duration.
It can comfortably cook four medium-sized pizzas per batch, with a cooking time of approximately three minutes.

Simply Pizza is equipped with:
  • Hob made of replaceable refractory bricks;
  • Internal metal sheet to contain the embers;
  • Chimney smokes equipped with a register to regulate the draft;
  • Stainless steel door with 2 wooden handles to allow handling without burns’ risk;
  • A manual lever that allows you to regulate the air draft and increase cooking performance and precision;
  • A thermometer to monitor the internal temperature.

Technical details


"Finally an oven that allows me to give the best in a small space! The protagonist of my garden and the favorite tool of the whole family
Thank you Simply Pizza!"

Andrea Prisco

"Efficient customer service! I wrote to agree on the payment and shipping methods and within a few days my oven was already operational in the garden. Excellent quality materials, a solid and compact oven, just how I wanted it. Highly recommended."

Marco Antelmi

"After many pizzas cooked on the oven at home we decided to take the "big step". It took us a while to evaluate but this is the oven that convinced us the most. It works very well, it reaches the optimal temperature in twenty minutes. Excellent customer service. We put it on the terrace and it fits really well because it is linear."

Marta and Giulio

Wood oven or electric oven?

The choice between a wood pizza oven and an electric pizza oven depends on the personal preferences and specific needs. Both types of oven have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:


  • The outdoor wood-fired pizza oven offers an authentic pizza cooking experience. Thanks to the flame and the heat generated by the fire, a pizza with a crunchy crust and a smoky flavor is obtained. Combustion generates the carbon black, a nanometric particulate which will cover the entire oven and will also end up on our pizzas to be then be ingested by the final consumer. Yes, because it is exactly its attachment to the top and bottom of the pizza that gives the typical smoked aroma which varies on the basis of the essences you decide to burn. In this way the olive tree will have its own aromatic imprint, different from oak and beech: the generation of heat will also be partially different. The intense heat of the fire can cook the pizza quickly, creating a fast and uniform cooking. The stainless steel chamber of our oven requires no maintenance.
  • DISADVANTAGES: Managing fire and temperature requires practice and experience. You need to constantly feed the fire with wood and adjust the temperature to get consistent results. Wood ovens requires minimal maintenance, as they need to be cleaned by ash.


  • Electric pizza ovens offer greater convenience and ease of use. They are easier to control than wood-fired ovens, as they allow you to set the desired temperature. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about feeding the fire or cleaning up the ashes. Electric ovens are also more practical for indoor use, as they do not emit smoked or odors.
  • DISADVANTAGES: Electric pizza ovens could have a slight difference in the flavor and texture of the pizza compared to wood-fired ones. While some models try to emulate wood-fired pizza cooking, they may not be able to fully reproduce the same flavor and crunch. Additionally, the cooking may be longer than with a wood-fired oven. Temperature’s regulation of family electric ovens is not always accurate and well distributed.

To sum up, if you are looking for an authentic, traditional experience and are willing to dedicate time and energy to fire management, you may prefer an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. If you want a more practical solution instead, easy to use and with a more control over the temperature, choose the electric pizza oven.

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Wood oven accessories

In addition to the oven, you can separately purchase a series of tools to set up your personal pizzeria at home. Choose from the elements that complete the oven kit: from the carriage to the worktop, from the shovel to the maintenance accessories.


Pizza's cooking with a wood oven

Cooking pizza in an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven requires some specific steps to achieve the best results. Here is a general guide for cooking wood-fired pizza:

  1. Light the fire: Before starting to cook the pizza, you need to light the fire in the wood oven and let it burn until embers form. Make sure wood is dry for a clean and uniform burning
  2. Heat the oven: After forming the embers, push them towards one side of the oven and let them burn. This heating process can take 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the size of the wood used.
  3. Clean the oven: Use a brush or a shovel to remove embers and ash from the oven’s floor. Make sure there are no residues that could compromise the cooking of the pizza.
  4. Adjust the temperature: Each wood-fired oven has its ideal temperature for cooking pizza. Typically, the temperature should be around 400-500°C. You can regulate the temperature by moving the coals or adding wood if it is too low, or by letting the oven slightly cool if it is too hot.
  5. Make the pizza: Roll out pizza’s base and add your favorite ingredients on the top. Make sure to use high-quality ingredients to get the best flavor.
  6. Cook the pizza: Use a shovel to bake the pizza in the wood-fired oven, placing it on the warm floor or on a refractory stone. The pizza will cook very quickly due to the intense heat of the oven. Check the cooking carefully to avoid burning the pizza. Usually, it’s only needed a few minutes to cook a pizza in a wood-fired oven.
  7. Rotate the pizza: During cooking, you may need to rotate the pizza occasionally to ensure a uniform cooking on all sides and a crispy crust
  8. Repeat the process: Replicate the previous steps to cook the other pizzas, taking care to keep the oven’s temperature constant. Remove the pizza from the oven using an oven shovel.
  9. Remember that cooking wood-fired pizzas requires practice and experimentation to get the best results.

Each outdoor wood-fired pizza oven can vary slightly in temperatures and cooking times, so it is important to adapt to the specific characteristics of the oven. Each outdoor wood-fired pizza oven can vary slightly in temperatures and cooking times, so it is important to adapt to the characteristics of your specific oven.

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